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    Bigfish is a well-renowned design and development studio. However, it’s the design side of that coin that really drives the impact of how we’re perceived. In that regard, as much as we love all aspects of development, our choices and ambitions are primarily focused on great design and user experience.



    With that in mind, what we’re really looking for is someone with enough foundational skill not to get bogged down on <example> how to make a flexed item horizontally overflow without exceeding its max-content width</example>, and instead, get excited for, excel at, and add spice to delivering on the vision that we and our clients have.

    Speaking of clients, it’s not unusual that you’ll end up working directly with some of them. Typically, we’ll have Producers to intercept comms, but when push comes to shove, it’s often easier to engage more directly, and we encourage that.


    So what is this job, really?

    We’ve recently embarked on a rewrite of our in-house CMS, Tank. We’ve embraced the best of what modern frontend dev has to offer and we think it’s pretty groundbreaking. Typesafety from database to cms to frontend is a hell of a drug. Tank is currently closed-source so you won’t be able to read up ahead of time but some of the technologies it has under the hood include:

    PNPM monorepo (with RushJS), NextJS, PrismaORM & Postgres, TailwindCSS, tRPC (react-query), Jotai, SocketIO, asset libs like Sharp and FFMPEG, Docker, and more.

    Woah woah woah don’t get scared though! 😮‍💨😮‍💨

    What we’re actually looking for is someone to assist in building out our website frontends! Tank is headless, which means we’re not limited to using any particular frontend framework. While we’re strongly leaning towards using NextJS for our frontends at the moment, if you have experience with a different frontend framework (e.g. Remix) we’re certainly open to adapting to your strengths. BYO knowledge of CSS framework (but preferably tailwind 😉).

    Naturally any website build is going to be closely tied to an understanding of how to work with a CMS, in this case Tank, so while a comprehensive understanding of the aforementioned technologies isn’t required, it’s fair to say you’ll need to be able to adapt and learn aspects of technologies you’re unfamiliar with. At the very least you’ll need to be able to understand relational data, and be able to plan accordingly.


    Actually Required Requirements

    Very solid understanding of HTML5 & CSS with an emphasis on semantics & accessibility.

    • Flexbox & ✨Grid✨
    • Responsive design concepts
    • Basic Typescript understanding
    • Solid understanding of React
    • Hooks
    • Context Providers
    • Understanding of how to integrate 3rd party libraries (UI, state management etc.)
    • Git/source control
    • Relational Database design (MySQL or Postgres)
    • Confidence working in a small team

    Bonus Points!

    • Tailwind (or substantial knowledge of another CSS framework)
    • NextJS, or some other JS-based frontend framework
    • Monorepo knowledge
    • Basic knowledge of how to navigate a terminal, y'know, ls, cp, mv, ssh, chmod
    • A fan of MacOS

    Nice to haves

    Any kind of interactive frontend prowess - wow us

    • CSS wizard 🪄🧙🏽‍♂️
    • Animation experience
    • WebGL / ThreeJS / Phaser experience 
    • Docker experience
    • Prisma experience
    • Examples of meaningful open-source contributions

    The Good Stuff

    • An amazing team of tech wizards 
    • Opportunity to contribute to an ever-growing CMS and have your mind blown
    • Work with an amazing team of designers to make gorgeous websites 👌
    • Team camps featuring interpretive dancing and ice baths
    • An office wellness room, lovingly known as the “Womb room”
    • Riverfront office that is both dog & possum-friendly
    • Weekly team quiz 
    • Social activities ranging from tennis outings, music gigs or a night at the Ballet

    Apply Now

    If you are keen to apply, send us your CV.

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