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    Mr Pipik

    In 2011, one of our very simple, very strange animated characters became the face of one of Poland’s biggest telcos. Seven years on, he’s a prime example of the power of thinking beyond your brand. Meet Mr Pipik.



    It’s no secret that we at Bigfish believe in play. We have a proud history of using our skills to make short films, write songs, invent musical light-up helmets, create characters – and use this creative energy to fuel out-of-the-box thinking when it comes to client work.

    In an era where content is king, there is no stronger testament to pushing the envelope than a ukulele-playing, potato-shaped blob called Mr Pipik.

    In 2007, Mr Pipik was introduced to the world in a zany animation about global warming. We produced the animation in just 48 hours, it took out the audience award at Berlin’s Webcuts Festival, and went on to be selected for screening at over 40 festivals in 18 countries. 

    Today, Mr Pipika (ever-so-slight name change) is the brand, the influencer and the talent for Poland’s NJU Mobile, part of the global Orange network. He gets millions of views on YouTube, the company has more than 400,000 followers on Facebook and excellent engagement. He even rates a mention on the NJU Wikipedia page.

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